How to Forward the Port for ZTE Modem

ZTE Port Forwarding
Please remember the IP under ppp-0. This is the WAN IP or Global Address. This is for other peoples who outside from your local network to be able to connect to your server. Please take note, they must have your WAN IP and not the LAN IP.

To setup the NAT, please click at NAT.

ZTE Port Forwarding
Click ADD to add a new Rule.

ZTE Port Forwarding
The Pop-up will appear. You need to fill the form.

Rule ID: start from 2
Protocol: please check the manual. (eg. ftp and http: TCP, games: UDP)
Local Address: your LAN IP
Global Address: your WAN IP
Destination Port: the port that you want to open

That’s all. If you don’t understand or got question you want to ask, please leave your comment. I’m happy to help you.