Our earning power is still low due to we just started put the ads about one and half months ago. The total up is about RM97.19 (US$27.77). Most of the revenue we earn came from Nufflets. Not much compared to WidgetBucks. Our WidgetBucks already earned about RM121.45 (US$34.70) in a month. That’s quite a lot, but we decided to remove it due to their advertisers no longer interested in Asian CPM.

Our websites also got several downtimes due to CPU resources overloaded. It really gave a bad effect to the traffics. Automatically the Alexa Rank also affected. Don’t forget about the revenue too. Ok, here’s the breakdown.

Nufflets RM52.57 (US$15.02)
Advertlets RM18.70 (US$5.34)
Nuffnang RM18.22 (US$5.20)
AdBrite RM7.70 (US$2.20)

Total: RM97.19 (US$27.77)

We wish we can boost up the traffics, so that we can use this money to pay for web-hosting rental. Some more, we are planning to move to dedicated server due to our XHYDRO is getting grower and we need a better hosting.