Message from WidgetBucks Team regarding the Update for International CPM.
So guys, please update your WidgetBucks ads code. Please read below message for more info.

Dear WidgetBucks Publishers,

As mentioned in our email at the end of November, today we have successfully launched International CPM ads to be included in our Widgets.

We are now serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries).

To get started, you will need to log into your WidgetBucks account and re-copy the Widget code under “My Widgets”. After you replace the code on your site, the widget will update ad types automatically.

We’re also proud to mention that we’ve been selected as a finalist for the Open Web Awards. We invite you to visit the site and vote for WidgetBucks!

If you have any questions about the launch of International CPM ads, please contact us at

Happy earning!
The WidgetBucks Team
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