Every bloggers have goal including me. Goal can be many ways, from traffic to money. Some people don’t mind about money. That’s why they didn’t put any ads. Most of Malaysian bloggers out there put Nuffnang ads in their blogs because they want to earn side income while they blogging. Earning at least few hundred from Nuffnang is very important especially those who have their own domain name and webhosting. It is to make sure the blog stay online. For my case, I need at least RM455 yearly to breakeven. In business world, if the income is below than the cost, we call it as making loss. No one wants to make loss. Every bloggers want to make profits from their blogs. Setting a goal is very important to give motivation. We will work extra hard when we have motivation. It is okay if you having a big dream as your goal even though it hard to reach. Anything is possible if you believe it.

This is how I going to spend RM1000 monthly income from Nuffnang.

My goal is to earn at least RM1000 per month from Nuffnang on next year. Yes, some people might think that I have a big dream. Don’t worry. I’m cool with that. I believe my dream can become reality. I have target why I need to earn that amount. It is to fund my further studies. To go for further studies is my dream since I was little. I already have few sources of income, but I really hope with this income it can reduce the burden while I am doing my studies. I already have a few strategies to improve my travel blog to become one of the top travel blogs in the world.

Not many working adults choose further studies because the main reason is they have commitment. I also have a lot of commitments too. It is not easy to stop working to continue full-time studies. When stop working means no income. Without income, I don’t think can survive in this modern world. That is why I need to have a stable passive income. Sorry, please don’t offer me MLM. It is not my cup of tea.

Making a critical decision is very important if you want to continue your studies. It is very risky and cannot guarantee for a better future. If you dare to take the risk, don’t need to think twice. Just go. You won’t regret. It might be a different story if you are really rich.

So, how about you? What’s your goal? And what is your plan to do with your income from Nuffnang?