After few years blogging with Nuffnang, finally I break the highest personal record and right now my blog is currently running 9 campaigns (buffered earnings).

Sometimes I was wondering what’s the point to have so many campaigns running but the Click-through Ratio (CTR) is still below the average industry standard which is less than 0.2%. Many unique visitors visit my blog every day. At least half of them are from Malaysia.

Lately, there are a few bloggers show their ‘buffered earnings’ in their blogs. Most of them earn a high CTR in every campaign. Normally 1% and above. One of the bloggers (Hildamilda25) that I know can earn her CTR up to 7.14%. That is totally fantastic. For sure she earned a lot of income too. How she and other bloggers can get a high CTR? Why I cannot? What is their secret? What about you? Do you mind to share the secret?

Top keywords from November 5 till November 13.

Most of the visitors are from Malaysia.