I just received the update from Alexa this morning. My latest Alexa rank is #211,944. Increase about 34,111 in 5 days.

Some of the keywords improved and have been listed in page one of the search results.

Keyword: raya aidiladha
keyword aidiladha
Very nice keyword for Muslim. My forum listed on the first page and rank number 3 from 267,000.

keyword: lima langkawi 2007 video
keyword limavideo
My blog is number 3 from 117,000 for this keyword. This is one of the biggest events in Malaysia.

keyword: cafe kepong
keyword kepong
For this keyword, my website got rank number 1 out of 23,600.

keyword: public mamak chat
keyword mamak
My website is listed in page 2 for this keyword. The word of Mamak is very famous in Malaysia.

keyword: lima langkawi 2007 picture
keyword lima langkawi
My rank for this keyword improved from listed in page 3 to page 1.