Team XHYDRO in action.

The Story
Finally, I uploaded the photos into my blog. Sorry for late update. Billion thanks to our professional photographers aka Aaeem and Zzub for helping us to take our photos. Afterall, this is the first tournament we joined and the first time we play speedball too. To be honest we got bullied by experienced teams. We only won one match and lost two matches. Not bad for first time play. One of our players was very brave to join us for the tournament, even though it was his first time playing paintball. Cheers to him. The main reason we joined this tournament was not about winning the prizes, but to gain more experience. The team is still fresh; hence it’s natural to not be among the top teams. We still need to learn a lot by joining more tournaments. Overall, Cyberjaya Paintball Challenge runs smoothly without any serious problems. I hope in the future there would be more mini-tournaments such as this, for newbie like us. This sort of thing would help promote paintball to bigger audience. Seriously, it really helps a lot.

Focus on enemies.

Get ready!

Game On!

I’m ready to fire.

Take cover.

Push push push!

The layout.

XHYDRO line-up.

Don’t mess with us.

Kurtz tengah sunbathing.

Syamil and Afiq checking the Results.

Concentrate and stay focus.

Game over.

Fuh, like holding a bazooka.

1. Azim Aaeem
2. Zzub

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Special thanks to Seiba, Reina and Hack.