Step 1
This video was taken place inside my house, in the living room. =P

Step 2
The Perspective viewport was selected as my main view. First and foremost, I assign the original image to Perspective Camera Image Plane. Then I play around a little bit with the camera Focal Length, Translate and Rotate to match the grid to the image. As my reference, I put some of the shapes and objects for placement guiding and assign it for masking using Use Background.

Step 3
After that I create an animated character that will have a lively motion movement and shows some interaction towards its environment.

Step 4
To add some dynamics, I choose to add a smoke coming out from the bowl. This thing was the easiest, whereby I just select the round surface in the bowl and assign the Particle which was created using Emit from Object (Emitter Type: Surface).

Rate: 100
Speed: 0
To make the smoke looks realistic, some changes from the particles attributes have been made; so that it looks fixed towards the surrounding.Lifespan Mode: Random Range
Lifespan Random: 5
Lifespan: 5
Particle Render Type: Cloud (s/w)
Radius: 0.3
Threshold: 1

Then I add Air fields to make the smoke floats naturally.

Step 5
Here how it looks like after rendered.

Step 6
To add some shadows for the character on the floor and sofa, I assign the Shadow Mask onto the floor and sofa. For the character I assign it with Use Background material. After that I use the Render Passes technique to render the Shadow.

Step 7
To make some reflection of the character on cupboard I put a plane and assign it with Blinn material. I changed the attributes to make it more reflectivity and rendered it using Render Layer.

Step 8
For final combination and enhancement, I edit the rendered scene using Adobe Premiere. I also adjust the scene using Crop technique in making the smoke (that was coming from the bowl) stayed behind the girl.

Step 9
To make it more details, I combined the Shadow(render passes) to the video.
Opacity: 20%
Camera Blur: 25

Step 10
Then I combined the Reflection(render layer) of the character on the cupboard to the video.
Opacity: 50%
Brightness: -100
Contrast: -20

Step 11
Lastly, to make it look more interesting, I add some noise to the animation/video. Then I play around with the Motion to makes it like a camera shaking effect.