A Chinese IT company from China was trying to steal your domain name. Beware! Lately, I received an email from a Network Service Company from China regarding Tolanic. Tolanic is a unique name. I am truly sure this name founded by me. As a sole owner of this name, I feel sad when someone try to steal and use it as their trademark. It is like trying to steal my intellectual property.

Tolanic is my nickname for more than 15 years. I have built this brand name as a dotcom for at least 5 years. I have put a lot of efforts to build the brand name and reputation. Nowadays my website can easily found on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If they successfully steal this name, it might confuse my readers and also my clients.

After I did some research about YG-Networks the whole night, I found out this company is a scammer. I was not the only victim of this case. Based on the email (please refer the screenshot), the sender was from “ygnetworks.org” where this domain name is not exist. The date written is also in the wrong format. She wrote “August, 24th, 2010” where the correct format is “August 24, 2010”. There are also several mistakes can be found in this email such as there is no space after the dot in the end of sentence. Asia was written in full capital letters and no capital letter for China. In their website (yg-networks.com), there are a duplicated address between Beijing branch and Hong Kong branch at Contact Us page. These prove they are not serious in this business. If it happens to you, you could just ignore the email.

The Alexa Rank for their official website is far away lower than my website. My secondary website is also better than them. That’s a big shame especially for an internet consulting company.

Duplicated address in Contact Us page.

YG-Networks Official Website.