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13 Nov

Number of Buffered Earnings vs CTR

After few years blogging with Nuffnang, finally I break the highest personal record and right now my blog is currently running 9 campaigns (buffered earnings).


28 Sep

My iPhone4

Finally, I got an iPhone4 on the second day after it first launched in Malaysia. I have waited about 8 hours to get the phone at Maxis Sunway Pyramid. That was crazy. The process is a bit complicated. There are 5 steps before I can officially get the phone.


29 Aug

Chinese Domain Name Scam

A Chinese IT company from China was trying to steal your domain name. Beware! Lately, I received an email from a Network Service Company from China regarding Tolanic. Tolanic is a unique name. I am truly sure this name founded by me. As a sole owner of this name, I feel sad when someone try to steal and use it as their trademark. It is like trying to steal my intellectual property.

Tolanic is my nickname for more than 15 years. I have built this brand name as a dotcom for at least 5 years. I have put a lot of efforts to build the brand name and reputation. Nowadays my website can easily found on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If they successfully steal this name, it might confuse my readers and also my clients.

After I did some research about YG-Networks the whole night, I found out this company is a scammer. I was not the only victim of this case. Based on the email (please refer the screenshot), the sender was from “” where this domain name is not exist. The date written is also in the wrong format. She wrote “August, 24th, 2010” where the correct format is “August 24, 2010”. There are also several mistakes can be found in this email such as there is no space after the dot in the end of sentence. Asia was written in full capital letters and no capital letter for China. In their website (, there are a duplicated address between Beijing branch and Hong Kong branch at Contact Us page. These prove they are not serious in this business. If it happens to you, you could just ignore the email.


19 Aug

The new theme for my travel blog

Tolanic’s Travel Blog has a new layout design. The theme color for my travel blog is blue because this is my favorite color. I chose the light blue to make the blog look neat and relaxing. At the same time it will reduce the distraction when reading the contents. I love simple. That’s why I didn’t put too much fancy things.

All the things in my design have meanings. I put the buildings to portray the writer loves traveling around the world. The aircraft is a symbol of my passion. The clouds are the symbol of freedom. I am still thinking where to put the rainbow.

I have spent up to 4 hours to finish up the new theme. I start it from the scratch.

The new look of Tolanic’s Travel Blog.


08 Aug

Feed Reader

As you all know Alexa Rank of my blog is improving drastically and the traffic is getting higher. Currently I am adding people’s blogs into my Feed Reader. For those who are interested in link exchange. Do not hesitate to contact me. My Feed Reader has three categories which are Travel Blog, Personal Blog and Other. So, don’t forget to tell me which category are you in.

Link exchange is very important to those who are serious in improving their Alexa Rank.

Grab the opportunity and your blog will be listed in my Feed Reader which is automatically will help to increase traffic to your blog too!

25 Jul

This is how I going to spend RM1000 monthly income from Nuffnang

Every bloggers have goal including me. Goal can be many ways, from traffic to money. Some people don’t mind about money. That’s why they didn’t put any ads. Most of Malaysian bloggers out there put Nuffnang ads in their blogs because they want to earn side income while they blogging. Earning at least few hundred from Nuffnang is very important especially those who have their own domain name and webhosting. It is to make sure the blog stay online. For my case, I need at least RM455 yearly to breakeven. In business world, if the income is below than the cost, we call it as making loss. No one wants to make loss. Every bloggers want to make profits from their blogs. Setting a goal is very important to give motivation. We will work extra hard when we have motivation. It is okay if you having a big dream as your goal even though it hard to reach. Anything is possible if you believe it.


20 Jul

Why TOLANIC is one of the top travel blogs? is a travel blog based on my experience traveling around the globe. I am a young traveler from Malaysia. My main objective having this blog is to share the information about the places that I have visited as much as possible to help the travelers to do some research before traveling. Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any question regarding the place I have visited. I am glad to help my readers as much as I can.

Why TOLANIC is one of the top travel blogs?
Ever since the travel blog was born on November 24, 2007, it is already attract a lot of visitors from different countries. Mostly are from Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines. From the Google Analytics report on June-July 2010, 41.06% of the unique visitors came from popular Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo. Referring Sites took the second place about 39.35% and the last one goes to Direct Traffic 19.54%. This blog can easily be found in popular search engines with popular keywords especially related with travel.


19 Jul

[Visual Effects Tutorial] How to add 3D Objects into Still Image

In this visual effects tutorial, I will guide you on how to add 3D objects into still image.

1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Maya

Original Image


29 Jun

Advertlets Scam

Are you making the right choice by choosing Advertlets?

Planning to migrate to Advertlets? Are you sure they are reliable?

Who are they?
First of all, Advertlets Sdn Bhd (774851-T) is a Malaysian small private limited company specializing in blog advertising network. They are focusing in Malaysia and Singapore. This company was founded by J L. Their office located at ….? Aha, do you know the address? Where to find the address? Anyone know? Can you find it? Of course you can’t. You cannot find the office address in their official website and even at the brochures for the advertisers. This is clearly stated how unreliable this company is. Why you are so scared to put the office address if you are honest in doing the business? For those who still cannot find their office, I will give you a clue. Their office is located somewhere in Plaza Damas.

What is Advertlets?
Advertlets is a platform for bloggers to earn money from their blogs. Advertlets act as a middleman between bloggers and advertisers. They will pay bloggers based on impressions (CPM). They charge about RM15 / 1000 impressions for image banner ads (CPM) to the advertisers.

What is their history?
On early 2008, this IT-related company created panic among bloggers because Mr. J forgot to renew the domain name. Many of bloggers including me have removed the ads since then. They also failed to make the bloggers HAPPY because the support team was extremely poor. Most of the bloggers until now still haven’t received the payments. Don’t forget bloggers are clients too. The key success to any business is maintaining a good relationship with clients. If clients are not happy, highly chance you might failed the business. As a blogger, we are deserved to get the payments because you have already put your ads at our blogs.

The amount I was going to cashout.


21 Jul

Manchester United vs Malaysia XI (2-0)

Last night my brother, cousins and I went to Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch the football match between Malaysia XI and Manchester United. We bought the ticket at the Green Gate about RM58 each. This can consider quite cheap if compare to the first game on last Saturday evening. The spectator on second game is less than the first game. Roughly is about 40, 000 fans. Maybe it was due to this game was held on weekday which is on Monday. Working day for sure! I’m a bit disappointed to Malaysian team. I don’t mind weither we lose or not. As long we can score one goal should be more than enough for me. I do feel the Saturday’s is game much better than this. Overall, I see a lot of improvement on team Malaysia, especially the junior’s line-up. Good game, guys!

*Sorry, the photos are super poor due to I was using a compact camera.


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